Reserve Q Balancia Slimming Machine

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Balencia Multipurpose- Body Slimming Machine For Weight Loss- Fat Melting Machine for Overall Body Care- Skincare Massage Machine- Instant & Noticeable Results- Portable Beauty Machine

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL FAT REMOVER MACHINE: Balancia is a multifunctional self-care tool that comes with numerous features and functions. It is a slimming machine that helps you in your weight loss process and keeps your body weight in check. It is used as a fat burner and fat remover tool with its unique skin care benefits.

SKIN CARE FEATURE: Balancia has a skin care function that is useful for skin toning and skin tightening. Balancia is a beauty machine that also acts as a blackhead remover and acne remover to provide you with clear skin. Along with relieving fatigue and removing fat from your body, it has an anti-ageing function.

5 MODE EMS MASSAGE MACHINE: Balancia uses electrical muscle stimulation to stimulate your relaxed muscles and strengthen them. As it stimulates intense muscle exercises, it dissolves the surrounding fat- giving you a trimmed and slimmer body. With 5 modes of EMS available in a device, Balancia is an efficient body massage machine and a convenient self-care tool with skin care, body care and weight loss function.

PORTABLE BEAUTY MACHINE: It is a beauty care product that uses ionic technology to freshen up your skin. The ionic technology makes Balancia an effective beauty care product that opens up your skin pores and acts as an acne remover and blackhead remover tool and helps you enjoy clear skin.


2 reviews for Reserve Q Balancia Slimming Machine

  1. James

    It really works!

    I’m glad that I found this on Amazon. It’s safe, lightweight and easy to use and the effect is remarkable after 2 days. I obviously feel that the abdomen has a sense of contraction. It really does get rid of fat. The delivery was quite quick, and it was packaged remarkably well. I just hope that the fat loss effects are not just temporary. Will update with news in a few months.

  2. Molly Evans

    So far so good

    I bought this about two months ago, and it is working. It obviously takes a while, you can’t just rub it on your belly and start losing fat. Patience and perseverance are key and will lead you to the aesthetically appealing body you want. I only focused on one area just so I could see if it was working. I love the feel of the product and the number of options it has for weight loss. I most definitely recommend all of y’all to buy this.

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