Hearing Amplifier Aids

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Vibroner hearing amplifiers are the best way to make your hampered hearing normal again. Hearing defects could be because of aging, or any other external factors or damages. The healing amplifiers amplify the sound when you put them on and make you hear like before.

Best Hearing Aid for Moderate to Severe Hearing Loss

  • The Vibroner Sound Amplifier is a high-quality hearing device designed for maximum clarity and comfort.
  • It contains long-lasting batteries, making it suitable for extended use.
  • The sleek design makes it very comfortable and usable for long hours.
  • Excellent fitting that ensures it does not become loose and fall off while walking or moving your head.
  • Its fantastic sound quality allows you to hear perfectly.
  • The hearing output of this device is approximately 130dB.
  • The earpiece comes with a simple volume adjuster to make you hear right.
  • Easy turn on and turn off options.


What should I consider when purchasing a hearing aid?

The two factors to consider while purchasing a hearing device are sound quality and comfort. It is important to choose a sound amplifier that enables you to hear with perfect clarity but fits well and can be worn comfortably for long periods.

How do I wear a hearing aid?

Simply insert the apparatus gently into ear and place the device on the curve behind the ear. Consult the instructional manual for visual instructions. Do not use excessive force while inserting the device and ensure it fits behind the ear.

How do I take care of my hearing aid?

Follow these steps to ensure to maintain the hearing aid.

  • Keep the hearing aid away from heat and moisture.
  • Replace dead batteries immediately.
  • Clean it regularly, only with a soft cloth or brush. Do not use water or cleaning fluid.
  • Turn off your hearing aid when it is not in use.
  • Avoid using hairspray, oil and other hair care products while using the hearing aid.

Do hearing aids really work today?

Yes, personal listening devices are medically tested and proven to be effective and very useful for people who are hard of hearing. Consult your otolaryngologist or ENT specialist before purchasing an ear device.

How often should I change my hearing aid battery?

Portable hearing amplifier batteries can last between 3 to 22 days, depending on the model and how long you use it for on a daily basis. Most hearing aids will give a signal when the battery is low.


2 reviews for Hearing Amplifier Aids

  1. John White

    I love it!!

    This hearing aid is quite good, and it is outstandingly small. The universal ear feature fits either ear and the hearing aids are of good quality, and the sound is very clear. I had no trouble setting them up as the instruction manual is very detailed. I recommend the user spend some time using them against a constant sound like the radio or television to become familiar with their range. I love how my level of vigilance has gone significantly up too. This is a good product and definitely worth buying.

  2. Walter

    Great little device

    Bought this last December for my 86 year old grandmother. Works like a charm, she loves it. She has mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears and it’s been almost six months since she’s using them. She is very happy with the product and really likes the color too. I can’t believe that I solved my grandma’s problem by spending a lot less dough than I would’ve if I had to buy those overpriced high-end medical-grade hearing aids. I’m happy that this works and guess what, my moms happy too.

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