Alluren Massager Gun

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A good massage is a complete solution to backaches, knee pain, stress and other health disorders that are left ignored until they turn to become unbearable. The Alluren Massager Gun is a quick massager tool that helps you feel relaxed and relieves you from stress and body aches. It is a must-have device at home to help you say a hi to better days.

  • The device is a portable massager that comes with three different replaceable massager heads.
  • It can be used as a neck and back massager or a full body massager by connecting it with the right head.
  • Instant back relief is given when this device is used.
  • It is an electric massager that gives you a massage as good as deep tissue therapy.
  • The device has a cooling outlet to prevent overheating.


Are massage guns effective?

Yes, massage guns are extremely effective, especially for neck, shoulder and back pain. They cabe used easily on most body parts without additional assistance and are portable.

Can you use a massage gun on your neck?

Yes, but be careful and avoid bringing it in contact with the throat. Massage guns are full body massagers and effective for treating neck pain.

Where should you not use a massage gun?

Handheld massage machines are meant to be used on muscles and not on nerves, joints or bones. Never use a hand massage machine on wounds, scabs, inflammed body parts and fractures. Avoid using it on genitals and elbows.

What is the best way to use a massage gun?

Always read the instruction manual before using the portable body massager and follow the same. Use the massager gently and do not apply excessive force. Do not use it in one spot more than necessary or on wounds and fractures.

How often should I use massage gun?

A handheld back massage can be used on a daily basis. While there are no strict guidelines, the portable massager takes two minutes to act on and relax each muscle group. In case of pain, stop using the device immediately. Do not use it more than necessary


2 reviews for Alluren Massager Gun

  1. Sammy K.

    Best $60 I’ve ever spent

    I did a ton of research on massage guns over the past two months and I went with this one because of what it had to offer but also the price played a huge factor. You get four extra attachments and the 3 intensity levels are all you need. The pain relief isn’t that cool because it’s a temporary relief but then again it’s not a healing machine. It will, however, break up the lactic acid after physical activity and I’ve found I’m less sore the next day after using this. I would recommend that you buy this if you’re into sports or love massages.

  2. Ralph

    Pretty good quality at a mid-range price

    I have had knots in my calves for many years now. After trying all sorts of gadgets to get rid of the soreness and knots, I bought this massage gun. At 51 yrs old, sleep is hard to come by due to the pain in my legs. This helped me a lot. It won’t alleviate the pain permanently, but it gives me a few hours of respite, perfect for me to fall asleep. The various attachments can be used for different kinds of pain. I promise, for the money, this is worth your time.

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