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The History of Body Slimming Machines

Slimming machines have come a long way in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. They have shrunk to the size of a pen and are way more potent than their ancient counterparts. How do you think these machines will look like in the future? Maybe scientists will have perfect health, and nobody will get fat, wouldn’t it be a perfect world to live? 

However, if you want to check out what the best thing the present has to offer, you can check out the Balancia Slimming Machine by Reserve Q. It is a state-of-the-art cavitation machine that uses ultrasonic waves and electrical muscle stimulation to melt away fat from all parts of your body. The Balancia is also a beauty machine that acts as a blackhead remover and acne remover to provide you with clear skin. Along with relieving fatigue and removing fat from your body, it has an anti-ageing function. You can buy it here.

The Very First Slimming Machine

Back to the past. Old slimming machines were much bulkier and almost resembled medieval torture devices. Most of these devices were limited to the use of vibration therapy, the first vibration therapy device was developed by the early Greeks, and it resembled a wooden bow. It was mostly a wooden shaft, wrapped with a cotton cloth and was rubbed on scabs. The Greek thought that rubbing it really fast would vibrate the injury and increase the blood circulation in that area resulting in a speedy recovery. They couldn’t understand why this treatment worked but they knew that it was effective in treating soldiers returning from the battlefields. Ancient Greek physicians would set fire to their olive branches if they saw modern age cavitation machines for weight loss or slimming suction machines.

Body Slimming Machines in the 1800s

In 1870, a Swedish doctor called Jonas Gustav Zander built many devices which functioned on Newton’s law of motion. His inventions were widely used in medical facilities and therapy centers which eventually turned out to be modern-day gyms. He fashioned the large vibrating belt slimming machine as early as 1850, but they didn’t quite come into fashion until the 1930s.

Below is an actual ad in 1958 marketing the vibrating belt slimming machine.

“It is this speeded up motion of your tissues… 3200 times a minute…that aids in fast, effective, spot reduction… that actually helps trim down the size of your measurements wherever it embarrasses you most!”

Funny how ads haven’t changed a bit in the last sixty years, it says a lot about human society.

Slimming Machines in the 1900s

Dr Gustav Zander’s creations were still rampant in this era. The most popular slimming suction machine of his can be considered as the first prototype of the Ab Blaster. This seemingly strange contraption used a series of cogs and flywheels to circulate rollers over the stomach. It had a windup handle that you would rotate to get washboard abs and give Mr Darcy a run for his money at the ball. 

In 1940, a doctor named John Harvey Kellogg, yes, the same guy who invented corn flakes, also designed the world’s first foam roller. This slimming machine worked by rotating a motorised drum covered in soft foam balls over whichever body part that needed slimming. 

In the next ten-twenty years, the wooden treadmill was invented, though it was a splinter inducing, torturous machine, but it laid the foundation for many versions of the treadmill that we use today.

Body Slimming Machines Now

We live in a technological golden era where everything gets done at the push of a button. The same is almost valid for weight loss, given that you’ll also have to rely on diet and exercise to optimally lose weight, but these slimming machines do go a long way in your journey. 

With slimming suction machines, ultrasonic beauty machines and cavitation slimming machines weight loss has become easier than ever. Weight loss machines like the Balancia by Reserve Q have EMS, Ultrasonic waves and Infrared light, all in one device that is as big as your hand and can be used while sitting on the couch. Now, that is the future.

You can buy it here. 

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