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Myths About Hearing Amplifier Aids

Technology is evolving at a rapid rate nowadays and it’s hard for even millennials to keep up with the latest apps and automation gadgets. Imagine if you tell octogenarians about self-driving cars and drone delivery, it’d be hard for them to believe and similarly, most people remember hearing amplifier aids from a long gone by era. If you try to imagine a basic hearing apparatus, you’ll think of a big clunky device that almost hangs from your ear. Well, that isn’t true at all. It is as if you’re going to buy a phone but the concept of a telephone in your head is of a rotary dial phone. 

Digital ear machines are very slick and almost invisible now. In just the last five years, the hearing aid technology has gone above and beyond convenience, they allow people to hear the sounds of life again almost perfectly. Hearing aids have become an extension of the body for millions of people around the world. Still, millions of other people have misconceptions and pre-existing notions about hearing aids. So, let’s wipe that slate clean by debunking some common myths that surround hearing amplifier aids

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Common Myths About Hearing Amplifier Aids – Debunked

Myth- Hearing aids are for the old

Fact- Did you know about six million people in the age of reason (18 – 44) suffer from hearing loss?  It was found in a recent study that 65% of the people suffering from hearing loss were under the age of 64. This is because of the excessive use of headphones. Headphones have become a necessary evil in this era and prolonged exposure to loud music is adversely affecting teens and adults on a very large scale. 

Myth- You cannot afford hearing aids

Fact- You can. You don’t need to shell out a few thousand dollars to get your hearing back to normal anymore. The price of everything else might be skyrocketing but technology is dirt cheap in this era. If medical-grade hearing aids are too expensive then you can also opt for a ton of other assistive devices available on the market. Also, most insurance companies cover some or all of the cost of hearing aids, so if you have insurance, you might want to speak to your agent about it. 

Myth- Hearing amplifier aids make annoying whistling and screeching sounds in your ear

Fact- Back in the day, this was true but the hearing aids of today are much more advanced than their ancient counterparts. Modern digital ear machines are fitted with feedback and noise cancellation technology, you just have to ensure that the hearing amplifier aid is positioned correctly in your ear. If it’s a snug fit then screeching and whistling will not occur. 

Myth- They can worsen hearing loss because you will start depending on them

Fact- No, you cannot worsen your hearing loss by using hearing amplifier aids. Hearing aids help you pick up subtle sounds that might’ve missed and without them, your brain will slowly start to forget certain sounds. Just the thought of forgetting the sweet sounds of the world is terrifying, what would you rather choose, forgetting sounds or depending on your hearing aid?

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Myth- Your ‘good ear’ will compensate for the hearing loss

Fact- This is just the most vacuous thing people say. You will fail to decipher and understand everyday speech if there is noise in the background. Also, using just one ear will definitely worsen your hearing loss.

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