Handheld Full Body Massager Gun

Is It Possible To Lose Fat Using A Handheld Full Body Massager Gun?

Are you sick and tired of sweating long hours at the gym? Are you done with all these new fad diets that keep mushrooming every season which just leaves you starved and not thin? What if you could break up fat cells without doing either of the two? Sounds like something out of a fairytale, doesn’t it? Bringing us to the question, can you lose fat by massage? 

The answer is a simple, joyous and resounding yes. Vibration therapy is widely used worldwide to burn fat cells, these therapies are performed using electric body massager guns which are powerful enough to imitate deep tissue massages.

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One of the best automatic full body & hand massagers you can buy is the Alluren massager gun by ReserveQ. The Alluren Massager Gun is a quick massager tool that helps you feel relaxed and relieves you from stress and body aches while burning fat. It comes with three different replaceable massager heads to give you a massage as good as deep tissue therapy. 

How Does a Handheld Full Body Massager Gun Help You in Losing Fat?

It Increases Blood Flow

increases blood flow

Massaging increases the blood flow in the particular region where the electric body massager is being worked. This, in turn, improves the metabolism rate of your body, which is the primary factor in losing weight. Vibration therapy also boosts collagen development which helps in keeping your body in your desired shape while enhancing your skin-tone and smoothness.

Collagen keeps your skin tight and prevents the signs of ageing. The increased blood flow pumps extra oxygen and nutrients to the muscles assisting them to burn calories that mostly go unused.

It Ruptures Fat Cells

The electric body massager gun is a powerful tool that looks like it belongs in your toolshed. It sounds like a power tool too because it can thump away at your fat, up to 2500 times in a minute. (but most companies have added features in the newer models to quieten them, check out the super-quiet Alluren massager gun by ReserveQ. This heavy-duty massage when endured can cause the fat cells to rupture and the fat to escape. Then this fat can be easily removed by exercising and eating healthy. Automatic full body & hand massagers are especially effective in removing subcutaneous fat; this is the type of fat that hangs loose outside your body. The type of that fat you can see in a mirror and pinch with your fingers. 

It Removes Toxins

removes toxins

The increase in the flow of oxygen caused by vibration therapy goes a long way in removing toxins from your body. The layer that connects fat, skin and muscle will be loosened after using an electric body massager and it will promote all the oxygen to rush through. This triggers the lymphatic system, which is responsible for carrying all the toxins out of your body. A toxin-free body leads to less cellulite deposition and that means you’ll have to work less to get rid of that subcutaneous fat. 

The crux of this post is, that not only can vibration therapy using an electric body massager can help you in losing fat but it can also prevent more fat from forming while leaving you relaxed and stress-free in the comfort of your home.

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For the best and fastest results, it is encouraged that you integrate a massage routine in your life in conjunction with a diet and exercise program. 

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