Home exercises for Halloween

Home Exercises That Help You Stay Fit During a Sugary Halloween

Are you excited for Halloween? From jack-o-lanterns to a cauldron full of candies to costumes and scary movies, the 31st of October has something for everyone. As soon as September slowly comes to a close, you’ll see Halloween festivities starting at every store and that truly marks the onset of October, the whole month is dedicated to Halloween. It also tells you that the holiday season is just around the corner. What’s not to love about Halloween!

The Wiccans celebrate Halloween as Samhain and believe that on October 31st, the veil between the living and the dead is the thinnest (cue thunder and a wolf’s howl). However, make-believe aside, come November, the only veil that is thinned is between you and the mirror, you candy gorger. You will have to exercise or start a Halloween workout to burn off calories. 

So, before you go off asking people about how to have a healthy Halloween, here are some exercises you can do at home to get scary strong this Halloween and that too without needing any hi-tech gym equipment.

If you also own a massage gun, life will become much easier for you. You can use it to loosen up some cellulite that you’ve collected over Halloween or just to relax after trick or treating all night with the kids. One of the best automatic massage guns you can buy is the Alluren massager gun by ReserveQ. The Alluren Massager Gun is a quick massager tool that helps you feel relaxed and relieves you from stress and body aches while burning fat. It comes with three different replaceable massager heads to give you a massage as good as deep tissue therapy.

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Home Exercises to Stay Fit During a Sugary Halloween

1. The Creepy Crawler

creepy crawler

This walk works every major muscle group of your body, including the deltoids, triceps, core, glutes and quads. To do this, get into a high plank position, harness your spidey-sense and then crawl across the floor. Traverse the entire floor and then try to backwards crawl back to the starting point for an additional challenge. You can use the massage gun to warm up before this exercise as it can take a lot out of you and the pre-workout massage will help your muscles to stay loose while doing this weird crawling exercise.

2. Romanian ‘Dead’ Lifts

Romanian ‘Dead’ lifts

No, you won’t have to lift Romanian zombies but you will need dumbells for this one. A correctly done deadlift will engage the muscles in the back of your body like the hamstrings, glutes and lower back muscles, these are the most easily ignored muscles and are important to develop if you want to get strong. 

To pull this off, start with your feet apart and hold the dumbbells with pronated palms. Now, keep the spine neutral and start throwing your glutes back while squeezing the shoulder blades. Lower the dumbbells to the shins and come back up.

3. It’s Aliiiivee


Lie on back with arms extended overhead and legs extended fully, toes pointed toward shins just like a character out of Bram Stoker’s books. Slowly start engaging your core and start lifting the upper body so that you resemble the undead waking from their crypts. Then flex up to a seated position, pausing once your torso is perpendicular to the ground. 

You can do this exercise on Halloween, outside your porch to scare kids and work on your abs at the same time. 

It is highly recommended that you warm up using the massage gun before trying out any of these exercises. The most common reason for hernias and exercise-related injuries is not warming the body up properly before working out. 

Massage guns nowadays are fitted with high torque motors, they look and sound like power tools. So, if nothing else you can use your massage gun this Halloween to dress up as a psychotic serial killer with a nail gun. 

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