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Can You Injure Yourself While Using Back and Body Massagers?

Massage therapy has been in use since ancient times to reduce muscle stiffness, body pain and migraine headaches. It relaxes you from stress, makes you flexible, improves muscle strength and can be used to maintain body fitness. The therapy may be old but long gone is the time where you used to book an appointment with a massage therapist, in this modern age. You don’t need to wait for long periods of time just to catch a little respite anymore. 

Back massager products like the Alluren massager gun by ReserveQ can be used at home to deal with chronic body and muscle pain. It can help to alleviate pain instantly and in the long run without having to seek professional help. It’s 4 detachable heads provide a deep tissue massage that can melt all the pain in the muscles and the joints. You can buy it here.

People from all walks of life use back pain massage equipment to stay on top of their routine, whether that be an intense athletic training or just a regular nine to five regimen. Back pain massage equipment helps in relieving stress and stiffness and speeds up the recovery process of the body. A speedy recovery factor goes a long way in leading a healthy and happy life in both physical and mental aspects.

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So, Will Using a Back and Body Massager Hurt?

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It won’t. A lot of people think that for a massage to work, it must hurt. This is not true at all.

Your back needs more aggressive massage techniques like deep tissue massages. This aggressive massage technique does not leave you with a feeling of sublime relaxation but might leave you feeling sore the next day if not done correctly. When a lot of pressure is applied to a muscle group, it will respond by tightening further causing pain, and it might also make it harder to reach deeper muscles. Therefore, as soon as you start experiencing pain, you should turn down the intensity of the automatic massage machine. It is also recommended to drink a lot of water after using a back and body massager to help wash the lactic acid out of the tissues. 

When and where not to use a back and body massager on yourself

Women in their first trimester of pregnancy should not use back pain massage equipment. The first trimester is pretty relaxed compared to the rest so, you probably won’t need to use your hand-held back and body massager anyway. The American Pregnancy Association (APA) says that women can start with massage therapy at any point in time during pregnancy but still, it is advisable that you hold off till your second trimester. Many massage therapists also don’t take clients in their first trimester and ask them to wait. 

The reason is that the first trimester has a heightened risk of miscarriage, and the increase in blood flow during a massage could prove to be harmful. 

Also, in very rare cases, prolonged use of back and body massagers on the neck has led to a stroke. These strokes are called ischemic strokes and it was found out that they only happened when the device was used uncontrollably on the front and the side of the neck or on the throat. The risk of an ischemic stroke is negligible, all you have to remember is that electric body massager machines are not toys. 

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The bottom line- 

The bottom line is that there is a million in one chance that you might get hurt using a body massager. Odds are that you’ll die in a car accident much before you’ll die back pain massage equipment. You can be at peace while using the massager and just use it a little vigilantly.

If you still haven’t invested in a back pain massage equipment, you can buy the best one by clicking here.

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