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Can Using Personal Sound Amplifiers Worsen Hearing Loss?

Hearing loss is a serious affliction that plagues one in eight Americans aged 12 years or over. That is 13% or 30 million people have hearing loss in both ears, based on standard hearing tests. There are numerous products available to help people with hearing but the most commonly used and the most effective is a hearing aid amplifier

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They are small electrical devices that can greatly benefit the perception of speech and other sounds and can be used by people of all age groups. However, based on calculations by NIDCD using data collected from the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) it was found that only 30% of people among adults aged 70 and older with deafness who may benefit from hearing aids, have used them. And even fewer adults, around 16%, aged 20 to 69 who could benefit from wearing hearing aids have ever used them.

Hearing devices sounds too good to be true (pun intended) because of their ability to transform your grandpa from an ‘I can’t hear you’ comedy trope into the man, the myth, the legend you knew before. And sadly, because we’ve learned that doubting everything good is vital to survival in this world, the common concern a lot of people have when buying sound hearing aids is that their hearing loss will worsen after using personal sound amplifiers.

Will My Hearing Loss Worsen If You Use Hearing Aids All the Time?

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No. Under most circumstances, the answer to that question is no. The only way your hearing can be damaged further by personal sound amplifiers is if they aren’t programmes correctly. Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to loud sounds for prolonged periods of time, therefore, you need to properly program your hearing aid because if it’s programmed too high than the recommended setting, it might worsen your hearing. 80dB is considered the higher limit when it comes to loud noises, hearing aids can be programmed to make sounds way louder than the 80 decibels threshold so you’ll have to be careful. But if your hearing aid amplifiers are of good quality, fit well and are programmed correctly, then you don’t ever have to worry about worsening your hearing.

A really good hearing aid on the market that you can get your hand on right now is the Vibroner Hearing Amplifier Aids from ReserveQ. The Vibroner Sound Amplifier is a high-quality hearing device designed for maximum clarity and comfort. It contains long-lasting batteries, making it suitable for extended use and the hearing output of this device is approximately 130dB. You should be careful not to set it that high though.

If Personal Sound Amplifiers Do Not Worsen the Situation Then Can They Improve It? Can They Slow Hearing Loss?

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Yes, hearing devices can help slow the progression of the loss of your hearing. You must have heard a common expression, “use it or lose it”. The nerves need constant stimulation to function healthily, the same way your muscles get atrophied if you’re bedridden for long periods of time similarly if your auditory nerves are being underused then they are prone to weakening. When you wear hearing aids, your auditory nerves are constantly exercising, picking up sounds that you would struggle to hear otherwise. If you use your personal sound amplifiers consistently then your ability to perceive and comprehend sounds will stay optimal. 

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The bottom line is that good hearing aids which are programmed correctly can never damage your hearing further and on the contrary, prolonged use of such personal sound amplifiers will keep your hearing loss in check and will not let it worsen.

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